Who is Carly Alyssa Thorne a Further View

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Carly Alyssa Thorne

Carly Alyssa Thorne

First, I would like to start with one thing – Yes this is Carly speaking after all this is my site… People are always asking about your accomplishments and kudos…

So, here are my kudos… You are… 

For those who need to see credentials, which are meaningless unless I produce results for my clients you can go:

What means something to me is seeing my clients SOAR… having their AHA… moments… seeing them get the next big deal… or get through a crisis without reacting instead responding to a situation.

You can also read testimonials:

Now, for the Traditional Who is Carly Alyssa Thorne
Carly lives her life to Empower and Inspire others. Carly is passionate about Conscious Business Collaborations -Transformations & Entertainment of the Mind, Body, Business & Spirit, as it is all interconnected. Carly’s Personal and Business Coaching-Consulting teaches the blending and Bridging of the East and the West in a grounded practical applicable way. She assists her clients to build a tool box designed just for themselves and helps them build another tool box that is designed separately for their company and then they fill it with various skills and resources that can then be used in any situation or environment where her clients may be under stress or in need of something special.

Carly takes Clients and Businesses from Cocoon to Flight Thru Learning, Playing & Growing Thru Creative Conscious Co-Creation. Take time to Learn, Play and Grow each and every day… Which at this post is where you are saying what in the heck does this all mean ? The answers will be answered below. So first, let’s get this out of the way… I am not the unicorns and rainbows woo- woo type of Coach or Consultant – that does not mean to say I don’t LOVE rainbows, I do, they are beautiful as are unicorns, however… you hear where I am coming from – I don’t live in fairytale land, I am in reality land where actions, intentions are required to produce results… Therefore ~ Although, my Logo may have a butterfly which signifies Tranformation-Change which is paramount to success and my logo has a Globe with Uniting Hands that says we are all interconnected which I truly do believe and is also paramount to Collaboration and connections and success and teamwork in any venture or business. I am as I have been coined “Straight Talk with Carly Alyssa Thorne”.

Carly Alyssa Thorne - Life is Like a Play

Carly Alyssa Thorne – Life is Like a Play

Carly’s daily Motivation for getting up each and every day with a smile is her passion for inspiring and empowering others to Live a full out, open, aware, fun, compassionate, passionate, giving, loving, healthy and abundant life.

Take some of these mantras – statements on and see how they feel – say them out loud. They all sound like lies to us at the beginning, start taking action steps towards them, keep on doing them, and after time you will believe them and believe in them.

***I Give 100% at all times, there is no Try, only Doing- Action.
***Give – Give – Give
***Smile, Laugh, Love
***Authenticity above all else
***Today is a New Day, and We are Ready.
***Let’s Do it, Delegate it or Delete it.
***Learn, Play, and Grow each and every day.
***Be open to all feedback, as one always has a Choice to Learn and Grow or not, and it is Up to us, how we respond and or react to any given feedback or situation.
***Take 100% responsibility for your Life
***Communicate openly with Compassionate Passionate Communications.
***Life is all about Transformations ~ Change, Embrace it.
***Never assume, until you have walked in that person’s body. ASK…
***Remove all but’s from our life and instead replace them with And’s… Embrace the both and mindset.
***Listen, Observe, Feel – become multi-sensory, embrace all of your senses.
***Engage with Mother Nature ~ Nature is an amazing teacher.
**Move, Eat, and Treat our bodies like it is our last one, because it is the only one you have while you are here.
***We can be Spiritual and Abundant
***Eastern and Western Philosophies all both beautiful depending on what we do with them.
***Eastern and Western Medicine both serve and have a purpose

What does”Cocoon to Flight” mean?

Carly Alyssa Thorne - Cocoon To Flight

Carly Alyssa Thorne – Cocoon To Flight

“Cocoon To Flight” also applies to any given idea, concept, project, business, timeline – you have 8 hrs at work, a week to deliver a project that timeline is the cocoon, the delivery of the project, product is the flight. The cocoon is the time you are germinating, brainstorming ideas concepts etc… this time is crucial.

We learn best through Playing ~ Creativity, I then incorporate play and creativity into the cocoon phase which delivers some amazing brainstorming sessions, and ideas that come out are brilliant. Remember at any given time throughout the process we all still have the CHOOSE To GROW or Not…

AND… All of this happens via Creative Conscious Co-Creation because in the end, Life is all about Co-Creating with others I can’t do any of this without YOU or others… and neither can You… as We are all ONE-interconnected and Team Work is what makes the Dreams Work…

Therefore that is why I came up with the process of:
Cocoon to Flight Thru Learning, Playing & Growing Thru Creative Conscious Co-Creation.

Born in 1964, Carly has spent the last 25+ years mapping out a detailed blue print from years of sculpting, integrating, refining and continually educating herself in her passions of the multi-sensory, psychology, theology, philosophy, business, multi-media, the entertainment industry, nutrition, fitness, health, NLP – Neuro Linguistic Repatterning hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Archetypes, Feng Shui, color therapy, eastern and western philosophies, time and organization management, structure and implementation, conscious hiring policies, compassionate passionate communications, we team leadership building, co-creative creativity and conscious business principles and more to have a comprehensive overview for the way she wanted to work with people. Yes, a very long sentence indeed. She wanted to work with people and businesses on a Mind ~ Body ~ Business ~ Spirit level meaning as a WHOLE UNIT – SYSTEM.

Carly has created her own system and Blue Print of working with Individuals, Businesses, Productions from having immersed herself in life long learning through:life experiences, live courses, on-line courses, working with mentors and then applying them first on herself and then with clients based on some of the teachings she learned from people she considers mentors such as: T. Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Chris Howard, Stephen Thayer, Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. Ted Morter Jr., Dr. Ted Morter Sr., Doreen Virtue, Carolyn Myss, Gregg Braden, Bob Burg and then also interviewing many leading brilliant minds which you view on this playlist:

To view many more shows you also go to:

Carly lives her life from a Paying it Forward – The Ripple Effect mentality each and everyday.
We Are Part of The Ripple Effect w website

Carly believes that life is all about sharing our wisdom, collaborations and teamwork. Carly started out in 1982 in psychological and behavior development, health, wellness, and fitness industry working with the acute disabled population. The Spirit of the disabled empowered Carly to Transform her own inner conflicts from having grown up with many health and medical problems since birth & having grown up with sexual, verbal, and physical abuse. Things came to a head medically in 1982 when surgeries began which has led to over 30 Surgeries over her lifetime to date. It was her work with Hospice in 1984 that led Carly into the endless rabbit hole of The Mind, Body, Spirit interconnectedness.

Carly then took all of this knowledge into her first Conscious Business in 1985 a new thought Preschool called – Learning, Playing and Growing. Having gotten the entertainment bug early on in life playing with children was a perfect platform for Carly’s outlet for creativity. Fast forward to 2000 continued her work with high powered executives with the Fitness Company at World Trade Center consulting with clients who had medical problems.  After 9/11/2001 Carly opened Celestial Wellness and Fitness Studio- A Boutique one stop shop Mind-Body-Spirit center for Whole Body wellness.  After Carly’s one hour miss of being right in the Middle of 9/11 Carly got crystal clear on a few things. “Life is precious and I want to reach out to as many people as I can through consulting and media.” With that being said, after a few years of Bi-Coastal NY-CA living in 2004 Carly began the full time journey of consulting, producing, directing in the entertainment industry on the Mind, Body, Business, Spirit Interconnectedness and the Multi-Sensory and how to apply it in all areas of ones’s life and business.

Carly has been “The Transformationalist behind the curtain” for years, having signed numerous Non Disclosure Agreements from working with some Top Speakers, Leaders, CEO’s, various Productions and Fortune 500 Companies. Carly is now ready to step out from behind the curtain.  Carly having grow up overseas since the age of 5 and not returning to the United States until the age of 14 lived under the scrutiny of the public eye due to family business in Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil and therefore understands on a personal level how important authenticity, transparency, integrity and privacy is.

For a deeper view into who Carly Alyssa Thorne’s Journey has been You can read “The Story of Carly Alyssa Thorne from SOS to CAT” at:

Involved in many productions as: Actress, Host, Co-Host, Consultant, Associate Producer, Producer and Director of: Reality Shows, videos, shorts, documentaries and more.  Interviewed many top speakers in self-development: Bob Burg, Dan Waldschmidt, Mark Sanborn, Larry Winget, Marci Shimoff, and many more – as well actors and musicians: Jahna Perricone, Shawn Gallaway, “Vito” David Vito Gregoli, Shaun Canon and many more… Along with Carly’s production skills, Carly has extensive experience with color therapy, NLP-Neuro Linguistic Reprogramming, Hypnotherapy and Platforms and Presentations. Has handled events as large as 4000 people, Larger Budget Productions, Indies, and low-budgets features, as well as in the past handling everything from the Green Room to Make-up to Wardrobe.

For more on Production Consulting You can visit:

Carly started out in middle school acting, singing, playing the guitars in a few plays overseas, then in late 80’s has been on stage, in front, or behind the camera ever since.

This is my Zed Card from 2004

Carly Alyssa Thorne Zed 2004

Carly Alyssa Thorne Zed 2004


*Widowed since 98′
*No children, not because I don’t LOVE children, medical issues.
Love is a Journey and to be with oneself is also a beautiful Journey.
*I Love to Cook, Clean, and take care of my Loved ones

























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