What does Conscious Business Collaborations look like?

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The term Conscious Business is starting to be used more and more and I think as we grow as a society people are starting to embody more of what it means.  Today I am going to share with you with what I teach my clients what Conscious Business Collaboration means from my point of view.  And… I think that we have a society that is still living from a scarcity mindset hence why they fear doing some of what I will address below.

Here are just a few of the things that Conscious Business Collaborations Means to me:

*Giving Your Clients Massive Value

– Now some have an issue with Giving they feel if they GIVE Massive Value, they will be taken advantage of.

So here is the thing with giving… We teach people how to treat us and not by what we say, by WHAT we DO...  I have found in general if you are authentically GIVING because You Choose to and for no other reason that the giving becomes mutual – however if underneath while you are giving you are thinking well I gave this, and dammit that person didn’t do that… Then chances are… Yes, You are going to be creating unbalanced relationships and more than likely, you will be taken advantage of.  I find that when we give from an authentic place of giving because we LOVE what we do and are passionate about what we do and why we are giving… In the end it does come back… and this applies to Love, Money, Friendships anything actually.

*Sharing and Referrals-

Who would I trust more to ask about a potential new hire and or service.  The yellow pages, the internet or somebody within my inner circle or expanded circle of fellow associates, friends or friends of friends ?  And… Let’s say I have a client and I am over booked, and or don’t have that expertise in that specific area, wouldn’t I want to refer them to people I know and have done work with.

-Choices: Be Honest and refer out, why hoard, not telling the truth in fear of losing a client and or further business actually creates distrust and yes ultimately does result in loss of business…

Hm…  From my experience I have found the best resources and employees and or services via my connections – circles… And… when I told a client I was overbooked and or didn’t have expertise in that specific area and did refer them out, TWO Things happened.

One- They were thankful for the honesty. Two- they still till kept certain business with me, was thrilled that the referral was from somebody that I respected and had the same standards as I and furthermore, even referred more business my way as a result.

*We Social Leadership Without A Title:

Encouraging anyone I work with or works with me to do their specific job as if they were the leader, being the BEST at what they do, encouraging problem solving,  ommunication, collaboration & feedback.  I don’t need to be the only title on a book: Personally, I have done lots of co-authoring which I love and a lot of ghost writing without my name, and contributed to lots of projects without needing the kudos, yet knowing what I contributed did good for many.  Yes I got compensation and kudos of another kind, yet I didn’t need to be the person who invented this or that.  I thrive in collaboration, can I do it alone yes and no, the yes means I could and be stressed out, the quality wouldn’t be as good, or I can engage others which creates less stress and higher quality.

There is a balance to that question can I be with myself, be alone of course… Can one person run a small business by themselves out of their homes etc… Yes it has been done…

Question: Why would I want to ?  When I know that if I had a TEAM… a lot more expansion could happen, a lot more help, a lot more creative ideas etc…

-Some don’t like Collaboration because with that comes more responsibility and more communication skills are required and a very open flexible non judgemental mind is needed… One can’t always be right… Hm… Imagine that… The question you have to ask yourself is, in having to be right, what is the cost to you, your business and others?



Being the same person whether you are on stage, off stage, in person, on the phone, on and in social media, emails, blog posts, webinars etc…

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have heard clients say.  OMG I loved this speaker when I went to his live course- He was high energy, positive, empowering, I was soooo excited when I left that weekend… Then… once I got home I decided to start following them on Twitter and other social media sites and started reading their blog posts…  Wow…  I can’t believe what they said on Twitter… I can’t believe that they ranted like that… etc…

Yes, we are all human… Yes… We all have had bad days… Difference is this: If You are choosing to have a life in the public… If You are choosing to be a leader, famous etc… Get clear on the WHY... and Get further clear on what do you want to be know as and know for.  And if you do make a mistake, have a past etc… Don’t sweep it under the carpet. Own it, Address it, and Move on.

*Stellar Customer Service: 

Retaining clients, getting new clients, Customer Service is KEY.  And here is what I have found about Customer service. First you have to be crystal clear on what you stand for, what are you values, etc… Then, it all starts with the hiring and collaborations we engage with.

Hire people and collaborate and or partner with people that treat others the way you want them to treat your customers. How we behave in one area of our life, plays out in all areas of one’s life. Then once You have hired people that model what you want to see in the world then it is your responsibility to make sure they get trained in how to carry that out based on whatever your company represents.

To your success, Carly Alyssa Thorne

Written by Carly Alyssa Thorne

Carly Alyssa Thorne

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