To Hate or to Love, Forgive and Let Go…

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I just got to Re-listen to the Radio Interview I was on at: 
“Paying it Forward”  Radio with Josephine Geraci on 9-12-12.


And I had just 
posted this Pic on my Facebook Wall
And I had someone reply with:
 “Overall 100% I Am Agree With You. But Some Times Man Are Indispensable To Hate Some One Who Has Done Something Really Bad. There Are Some Sensitive Issues and Matters Which Are Not To Be Ignorable. 
But Overall I 100% Agree With You.”
And I replied with:
Even when REALLY Bad things happen if you hate you are only giving ATTENTION, which most people that do hateful things want… You don’t have to like, agree or even approve of an action that is bad and or hateful… You do have to LET Go, forgive self and others… I know first hand about hurtful and or hateful acts done to others… I just did an interview about it on Paying it Forward Radio… 
I would consider Rape, Abuse of any kind a Sensitive issue and I have been thru that and YET I don’t HATE the people who did those things to me, at first of course I went thru Hell, Anger etc… and at some point one must be willing to let go or it will EAT you alive…
It was interesting to have just done this interview 7 days ago, and just re-listened to it, and just posted that pic and then got this reply which made me reflect on the interview which spurred me into writing a post about having hate for those who do hateful acts.
I have also posted other posts and pics about and talked about Energy and Vibration and what we focus on.  So, here are my views on the topic of hateful acts and or people who do them and or a society that is full of hate towards many for whatever reason.
As I said in my interview:  When violence has been committed I always tell my clients the following:  You don’t have to forgive or accept the actual ACT of violence as being OK… You do at some point have to find a way to let go, forgive self and the other person for having done the act.  Some of you at this point are like WHAT ???  No way…
Now let me pre-frame what I am about to share and say with, this is my personal experience and my personal opinion…  You have the right to your own opinion and feelings and do not have to agree with what I am about to say.
From all of my own research and own personal experience with Sexual, Verbal, and Physical abuse what I have found through my years of Soul searching, conversations, counseling, healing, mentoring etc… is the following:
-It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, where you live, or what color your skin is.
-Most people who commit violent acts of any kind have had violent acts
done to them.
-Most people who don’t get the proper help to heal, process, forgive will go on to repeat the patterns of abuse to others OR abuse themselves thru various forms of behaviors: alcohol, drugs, sex, repetitive abuse relationships etc…
-The people that are protesting against killing of babies, war etc… with LOUD protests etc… are actually energetically vibrating no better than the people     doing the killing…
-There has been massive studies on Vibration-Energy-Sound
-I am NOT saying WE as a society are to be blind and ignorant toward what is happening around us…
-What I am saying is what we FOCUS on becomes our tunnel vision.  If I believe I am going to die and am constantly focused on negativity my life becomes all about death and negativity…
-I have had 26 surgeries from 1985 – 2012, been thru all sorts of hell and many, many times I wanted to just throw in the towel, say screw it, this, that and the other, yet no matter what I have always attempted even in the darkest of hours to have a glimmer of hope and still managed to be positive, smile and help others.
-I have found that the RIPPLE Effect is a powerful thing, and that if I worry about my OWN behavior and take responsibility for my own screw ups etc… and treat others around me with Love and Respect that tends to Ripple Out and affect others…
-I am no Saint, and growing up there were many times I screwed up, was angry, mad at Life, God, my Family, teachers who didn’t believe me, the actual people who hurt me etc… etc.. etc… however at some point in life we all need to make choices on how we want to live, feel, act…
-Harboring all of that anger and resentment ultimately doesn’t hurt the people that hurt You, as they usually like the attention or in their mind the power over you they have.  It only hurts You the person who was hurt.
-Another one I am a big believer in is not keeping SILENT about it out of fear, shame, or guilt etc…  that will eat you alive… and again exactly what they want.  I am also NOT saying play the martyr or use it as an excuse to play the victim… 
-You can’t make anyone believe or do anything until they are ABSOLUTELY ready, willing and making that choice for themselves and not for anybody else.
-Standing up for yourself is a balance of reaching out and honoring yourself and reaching out and helping others to say  if I can and have… So Can YOU…
If each of us worried about how we treated Ourselves and others, we would have a very different world…  
Thus another reason why I am so passionate about doing this project
“Paying it Forward – The Ripple Effect”
Yes ONE person can make a difference no matter where you live, or how much money you do or don’t have…  The Ripple Effect is a powerful thing…
Be willing to Forgive and Let Go…
Love Yourself…
Worry about how you choose to behave and treat others…
“We are the Actors ~ Actresses, Writers, Editors, Producers, Directors, Co-Creators of Our Lives, we can create anything, anytime… Let’s Do it.”  Carly Alyssa Thorne
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Written by Carly Alyssa Thorne

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3 Responses to To Hate or to Love, Forgive and Let Go…

  1. Sally K Witt September 21, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    Always positive and loving. Good for you, Carly.

  2. Carly Alyssa Thorne September 21, 2012 at 5:39 pm #

    Thanks Sally, I usually am, NOT saying I have never had my days, especially with my Family LOL.. It seems soo much easier with strangers than others, versus your Mom, Dad and or siblings LOL… The good news is that once you know the triggers you can navigate the waters… I think the HATE you let go of, I think sometimes the inner child wound of approval from family gets triggered on occassion as an adult even after you let go of the Hate LOL…

  3. Micheal Gibbs September 24, 2012 at 12:08 pm #

    wow,I must say that Forgiveness is the best tribute to be strong. i’m completely agree with with you,but i think aggregation is the very essential part of our life,but if he is in under control.I’m enjoying very well and you have describing some awesome point. Thank’s a lot.

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