The Bridging of the East and The West

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The Bridging of the East and The West
So, here we are, to discuss having a Both and… Ying-Yang, East-West  open, expansive mindset conversation about the Bridging of the East and The West and all combinations thereof…
To be so naive in thinking ONLY ONE way is the “The CURE” is in my opinion,  sort of like being Soooo mono focused on a “GOAL” a word I don’t even use anymore because you are Soooo focused on that goal you aren’t seeing the peripheral, or all points of view, and or all of the opportunities and experiences and other methodologies that might be there to help and or serve you, I therefore like the term outcomes… What are the outcomes you are choosing to have in all aspects of your life ?
Let me also pre-frame this article with, this is just my personal opinion, from my direct experience, research, studies, certifications and that I am in no way advocating one way over the other exclusively nor am I am a doctor and that if you are having concerns and or issues I truly advise you to seek the help you need from Your Choice and or type of Medical practitioner and wish everyone an abundance of Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness…
Is this truly The Cure
and is this truly and ONLY Just a band aid
and is there a Third Option of Both And… +++
A Little background from where I am coming from before we get into this.
When my mom was pregnant with me in 1964 she had german measles, and RH Negative Blood, hence the story goes I was always a very ill child with many health issues, permanent eye vision loss, severe adult allergies to everything, and a very comprised immune system etc…
Let us fast forward to around the age of 16 when a combination of things truly began the journey of much which began with Many Acute Hospitalizations and surgery number one in 1983 and now at the age of 48 going in for Surgery #27.
Let us go back now, Since I did go thru so much even before I was 16- I became fascinated with the Mind, Body, Spirit connection and beginning in 1982 and still today, never stopped studying everything I could get my hands on in Theology, Psychology, Metaphysics, even got 5 Western medical certifications, Various Energy Healing Certifications, Interfaith Minister Certification, and Various other certifications in NLP, Hypno, studied Flower Essences, Herbs, Homeopathy, you name it, I massively studied it, applied it, used it on myself first and then with clients.  I also worked in Various Clinical settings and holistic settings.  From ER, Nursing Homes to Hospice and Group homes for the disabled.
So where am I going with all of this… Hm… 
First off, I would Like to say that I do believe in the  Mind, Body, Spirit Connection so much so, I endorsed the the Movie “The Cure is U”
Secondly, I think WE as a society have gotten to be a very black/white, yes/no,
this way/or that way society.  Here is why I think that can be a Huge problem.
I have had friends that were so headstrong and would only do Holistic methods and have died, and also with only Western methods that have died… I have also seen many People so out of tune with their bodies that kept saying I just don’t feel right, I am bumping into things and do nothing and find out they were going to die in 1-2 months because they found out they had stage 4 cancer or something else, and they were amazing, loving, positive people.
Let’s Face it, if you break a bone, Flower Essences are not going to set it for You.  Now, I also do believe there are amazing healers that are what they call Energy Shape shifters, Shamans, and have seen some bone realignment work done, however these types of healers are not necessarily always easy to access or obviously covered by Medical insurance etc…  
And… Let us discuss the Placebo effect and our words and thoughts.
I truly believe that if somebody believes that, that radioactive pellet is going to cure their testicular cancer it will, no different for some that think that the chemotherapy is poison and as such will kill them… And I have seen friends that lived and died from both…
Then of course there is our Old outdated stories running around in our unconscious, Attitude, Faith, belief, environment, Food intake etc… etc… etc…  
And for some their is the belief of destiny, fate, choice, Karma etc… etc… etc…
We are all unique beings so thinking that things need to be this way or that way, and only this method or that method, Vegan, Juicing, Paleo Eating, The blood type diet etc… etc… etc… doesn’t really resonate with me.  
What I have found thru my journey of 26 surgeries going on 27 and having almost died too many times now… and having been Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Blood Type etc… etc… etc… used Herbs, Flower Essences, Tapping,  IET, Reiki, Acupressure, Chi Machines, Rebounding etc…
is the following:
-Attitude of Gratitude is everything and believe me I am not perfect and have had my days of just wanting to die.
-Environment and support system of amazing Friends is Vital, we are all beings that Love human touch and interaction.
-Move your body even if one body part is not working, when I had knee surgeries I was moving up upper body, and when I had my shoulder surgeries I was moving my lower body etc…
-Healing Music and Sound Vibratory music is amazingly helpful
-Non pesticide foods, Natural Foods gives you much more energy
-Alkaline foods makes a huge difference
-Eliminating Dairy, and any processed foods made a huge difference
-Listening to your body is absolutely VITAL at all times…
-Be honest with yourself and Now when to say “UNCLE” meaning
this isn’t working I am in too much pain or etc…
-And… Both Western and Eastern Medicines do have a place…
-There were times when I have used various methodologies at one time
that worked, and sometimes, literally it was no other choice than morphine.
I did use herbs as opiates at times when things were more manageable, tinctures, however they are very dangerous and you need to know what the hell you are doing or you could die.  
-Herbs are not Toys to just play with, some can cause serious damage no different than Western medicines can.
-Be immensely grateful to technologies that have saved numerous lives, especially in the advancement of Cures for different diseases, and the advancement in  artificial joints and limbs that have given people a new life…
I personally, already have had 3 knee surgeries with radical procedures done on one knee and 1 on the other, at what point do you go… DONE…
Hence why right now I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for technology and
finally having the approval to start getting my new knees so I can do Yoga again, so I can go back out and walk with nature without pain etc…
Having your body in chronic pain does more damage to your body than you could possibly imagine.
Thus why I truly feel it is sooo important to be open to all Points of view, all technologies, Natural and other if it is going to be a choice between a crappy
quality of life, a better quality of life or a greater quality of life…
At the end of the day it all boils done to choosing what works best for Your Unique body, Honor that, and stop thinking that any ONE thing is the magic solution.  It can be a both and +++ You can be Spiritual, Meditate, Chant,
Use Eastern Philosophies, Yoga, Karate, Lift Weights, Use some herbs, flower essences, Natural Cures and yes some times you may need the Western world of medicine and technology…  I don’t think one is bad or evil and the other is pure and good… They both serve, it is all in how you are choosing to use and or apply them that makes all of the difference in the world.
Honor and Love your body and do what you need to do for your Unique self.

Another Midnight Production Written by:

©2013 Carly Alyssa Thorne


Written by Carly Alyssa Thorne

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3 Responses to The Bridging of the East and The West

  1. Tereza November 6, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

    You are so right Carly! I agree, there is no black and white in ANY case and bridging east and west is an excellent choice!

  2. Terree Rola November 7, 2012 at 5:02 am #

    I think it’s wonderful how many in the medical community are more open to eastern medicine and techniques these days. More than once, accupressure techniques were enlisted to augment Nuclear Medicine procedures at the hospital where I worked at in Newport Beach.

  3. Carly Alyssa Thorne November 8, 2012 at 4:37 am #

    Thanks Tereza and Terree…. and I am really excited about the direction our Culture is going in attempting to Bridge and West and The East…

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