Staying Focused and Productive

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Collaborations Blog Mary C Kelly

Now, that I am Producing, Directing, and Hosting 4 Video shows I decided to Post that I was looking for some quality guest bloggers and immediately got flooded with inboxes, however maybe only a handful stood out, and out of that handful, two really peaked my interest because we have done things in the past together and further more two jumped right away ready with content to start with, within days notice. So… here we are and what I did not expect was two minds melding into a dance of one which turned into this piece you are about to read.

So, Mary C Kelly PhD whom I have interviewed once before on my Transformation show with my Co-Host Rick Zanotti,

Transformations 06: Dr. Mary C. Kelly on Conscious Business Collaborations from Carly Alyssa Thorne on Vimeo.

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Mary has trained over 40,000 military and civilian personnel in multi-cultural environments around the world. She served 21 years as a commissioned officer in the Navy, and retired as a commander.

A university business and economics professor, Mary combines theory and practicality. With extensive experience in human resources, finance, insurance, organizational leadership, strategic planning, and project development, she focuses on building successful strategies for business leaders at all levels of an organization.

Mary’s passion is helping people excel in business. An energetic, engaging and perceptive leadership coach and speaker, Mary delivers humorous, inspiring, and insightful keynote speeches, offering tools and insights that increase productivity, morale, and profits.

As a consultant, creative and insightful problem-solving abilities enable her to transform corporate cultures and structures.

Mary is the author of several books, including:

  • Master Your World: 10 Dog-Inspired Lessons to Increase Productivity, Profits and Communication
  • 15 Ways to Grow your Business in Every Economy
  • Money Smart: How not to Buy Cat Food when you don’t Have a Cat
  •  Stop the Barking at Work: Effective Communications to be Clear, Profitable and Happy
  • 360 Degrees of Leadership: Steering Around the Icebergs
  •  In Case of Emergency, Break Glass!

 Mary is cited in hundreds of publications worldwide every month.

Mary started writing orders at trade shows with her family’s sales business at age ten, and she has been employed (and paying taxes) since she was twelve. A frustrated comedian, Mary would like to be as funny as her friends claim she is.

Mary coaches the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Equestrian Team, and she and her therapy dogs make routine visits to local hospitals and retirement homes.

and interacted in various Social Media circles offered to guest blog for my website and sent me this piece:

4 Ways to Lead Yourself to More Motivation, Better Focus and Greater Productivity

“Some days are better than others. How do we keep going when we feel like quitting? How do we stay engaged when we are not sure of the value of our contributions? How do we start and finish projects when they seem impossible?

In a world of endless distractions, how do we stay focused, productive, and motivated?

1. Stop and look around your workspace. Is it conducive to work or has your office become so cluttered with materials, folders, projects, and ideas that it has become a storeroom with a desk in it?

If your space is too cluttered, you may be increasing your stress level and decreasing your productivity by surrounding yourself with so many projects that require attention that you are immobilized by the sheer enormity of the visual reminder of all of the many things you need to do.

If this sounds familiar, you have two choices. Either clean up your space now (which may be a big job, requiring several hours) or take your current project and the materials you need to finish it somewhere else, such as a library, a coffee shop, a diner, a conference room, or some other space. Remove yourself from the environment that is making you tense.

2. Remove yourself from people who are bringing you down. If you are having a hard time staying motivated, look around at the people who surround you. Are they feeding your energy or draining it? Are the people you work with encouraging you, helping you become better, and focusing on the team’s goals? Or are your co-workers constantly complaining and wasting time with mindless prattle? You may not be able to remove yourself from your employer’s office, but you can discourage the complainers from wasting your time and draining your energy. Try closing your door, if you have one, wearing headphones, or making your phone ring so you have to answer it. Another method is to announce that you have a deadline or say “I have to make a call in 3 minutes. What can I help you with?”

3. Rid yourself of both obstacles for your lack of productivity. If you are not motivated to work on a job, ask yourself, why not? Make a quick, brainstorming-style list (write it down) of everything preventing you from accomplishing what you really want to accomplish. What is holding you back? Do you lack a skill? Knowledge? Materials?

For example, if you say you really want to write a book, but you have not moved past the outline or manuscript stage, what is the challenge? Not sure what to do next? Not sure how to get chapters finalized? Not sure how to design a book cover? Make a list of everything that is an obstacle to your progress, and then seek help. Ask people who have been successful in publishing books about your next step. Once you k now what the specific obstacle is, you can get a specific answer on how to move past it.

Asking, “where should I go for a book cover design?” is a way to take a step forward. Merely commenting, “I want to write a book, but I don’t know how” implies that you are not really interested in the work involved with moving forward.

4. Don’t accept your own excuses, especially if they are not excuse you would accept from others. If someone working for you told you that the reason they did not get a memo finished on time was because “I didn’t feel like it” would you nod sympathetically and take them for coffee? No. Of course not. If your main problem is “because I don’t feel like it” then promise yourself to work on the two things you absolutely do not want to do for just ten minutes every day for a week. Just ten minutes! Once you start, the project may not be as daunting or unpleasant as you thought, and with some focused effort for ten minutes at a time, the chore gets done.

You know you feel better when you accomplish your goals. Let’s go be productive!”

Here is where TWO MINDS HAVE MELDED INTO ONE at some point in time…
We all are interconnected and… at some point and time think about things to some degree the same… As I did a PODCAST about CLUTTER and environment awhile ago so here is a bit of a different perspective yet with the same overall mindset.

Organized Environment


Transformations 02: What does Your Environment Say ? from Carly Alyssa Thorne on Vimeo.

Here is the AUDIO-Podcast version:


Here is the Direct Link to the AUDIO-PODCAST Version is case the EMBED is NOT Working:

One of my first indicators when working with a client is when we have our Very First in person meeting.  I always set up the first meeting where I come to them to a place that we both mutually agree to go to and after that meeting I will always walk with them to their car.  Why You may ask ?  Ah…Now keeping in Mind, I don’t meet all my clients in person, some Live in far way places where we use Skype, however even with Skype You can learn a lot.  Now back to why I walk someone to their car.  Depending on how well they keep their car I can also tell how well they take care of and value MANY Other things…  Is their car dirty, does the inside of their car have trash thrown on the floormats, is the car full of things, disorganized +++

Remember HOW we do anything in life shows up in all AREAS of our Life.  So, I again will ask You ?  What does Your Home Environment Look like and more importantly, how does it feel ? What Statement does it send out when people come over to visit ?

Think about this:  If You throw your clothes on the floor, what does that say to the Universe about how You treat and or Value something.  No different than how we treat our cars, appliances in our home and more…

Example:  I generally buy top line not by BRAND however by its reputation as a company and its products being exceptionally good at not having many repairs and what their customer service is like.

Example: When People see my Vita-Mix they are amazed that is many Years old, because every time I use it, I take the time to truly clean it and wipe it down.

Example: I stopped giving really nice gifts to one person because I would buy them a state of the Art kitchen appliance and then when I would visit their home, the item was trashed- dirty etc…

All of Our Environments: Home, Cars, Office tell others how to treat us and not only that how we Respect, Value not ONLY things PEOPLE…  It is all interchangeable.

Let’s build on this… If Everything is ENERGY… and if you have even studied the very basics of Feng Shui… How is Energy supposed to Flow if there is STUFF Everywhere… Energy tends to go with the Flow if you will.

The more Organized, Clean, Calm a place is You will FEEL it, no different than if a place is dirty, disorganized, chaotic you will also feel that.

Take the time to Create an environment that Nuture’s You, that Welcomes You and others.  Would Love to hear your thoughts…

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  1. Robin Davidman August 26, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

    It is really important to learn how to manage your time properly. I always encourage my staff to hone up on this “soft skill.” I enjoyed the article!

    • Carly Alyssa Thorne August 26, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

      Thanks Robin, I am thrilled You enjoyed and Thrilled to have Mary guest blogging with us

  2. Carmen August 29, 2013 at 3:56 am #

    Great productivity tips. Thank you. Xx

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