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Why come partner-create-play with us:

See menu below Publishing menu to find out about some of our partners in publishing.

We believe in creating multi-sensory, multi-media & content that edutertains - that is educational, inspiring, empowering & motivating. We also believe in being conscious about creating and supporting content that is aware of it's impact, it's ripple effect.

All team players, joint ventures, speakers, talent we work with, interview, support, walk their talk at least from our own personal experiences with them.

When we bring on people to be on our team we interview in a unique way so we can see-feel-hear and communicate to find out if they are willing to co-create with us and have a collaborative, team oriented mindset.

Tells us: can they follow instructions, submission guidelines, how timely they are, how long did it take them to respond, how detailed oriented they are, what type of writers they are and a bit about their personality.

Tells us: If they can listen, or are they doing all of the talking, are they asking questions, are they nervous, are they confident, sellers, closers, slow, fast, etc... and a bit more about their personality.

***In Person:
Tells us: Their body language, grooming, authenticity, consideration, time orientation-where they on time-late, and if they were running late did they take any measure to contact us and let us know. Are they visual, audio, audio digital or kinesthetic in nature. And much more.

We have high standards for ourselves and our clients. We look for people that are:

***Heart-centered, LOVE what they do, are passionate about what they do and dream big.

***Authentic, transparent, organized, creative, team-collaborate mindset

***Get that customer service and giving massive quality value are king
***They welcome feedback and respond versus react and are willing to learn from it and grow and give us feedback as well.
***They walk their talk whether they are home, on set, on stage, off stage, social media etc...
***They actively ask questions and actively listen.
***They can proactively problem solve without constant hand holding and supervision.
***They have a healthy lifestyle & mindset - working on any production or set can be long hours and having a mindset about taking care of oneself goes a long way in staying alert, awake, focused etc...
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