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Straight Talk with Carly Alyssa Thorne

Straight Talk with Carly Alyssa Thorne

TIPS for A HAPPIER Google Hangout Experience:

-CHROME is the best browser to use for Google Hangouts.

-Restart computer prior to google hangout.

-We LOVE animals, however, If You have animals please make sure they are not in the same space You are, during the interview, unless you know for 100% sure they will not bark or they are used to being on camera.

-Please have a quality headset or microphone, because if You are just talking into the speakers of Your computer the sound quality is NOT as good and can cause an echo, unless you have a very high end computer and have done podcasts before and you know the sound quality to be good without using a headset. If you are in a room with high ceilings, or a huge room with with hard floors and next to no furniture, you will get an ECHO.

-Close out all other browsers and applications

-Please do not wear anything that has LOGOS of any kind,as that is a trademark issue as we will airing the video.

-Please do not wear any SOLID Black, White, or Red shirts, dresses, or pants as cameras and lighting don't tend to agree with them too well... or REALLY BUSY LOUD patterns.

-Please be aware of Your background environment, make sure the space is tidy and picked up, as a mess can distract viewers from You.

-Please make sure You have extra lighting around, a small lamp you can put on your desk to the left of You and a Tall Reading lamp to the right of You, and that the overhead room light is on.

-Make sure blinds are pulled if it is around sunset time, Yes Carly forgot once and she had a Sunspot on her face for half of the recording.

MAKE -UP Yes Did Carly say Make-up... Make up and this Applies to both MEN and Women PLEASE READ THIS...
When You are used to being in a studio environment you would be used to controlled air and having a make up artist on hand patting you down between takes that is NOT this... we are not STOPPING and we are filming - recording STRAIGHT For 30- 45 minutes and depending on your environment and what lights you are using you might get hot and start to sweat a little... Hence you are not in a studio environment sooooo PLEASE listen up.

WOMEN PLEASE DO NOT wear regular liquid make-up... Use MINERAL make-up or please make sure to use powder make-up really well afterwards other wise you are going to shine. Mineral make-up will absorb your oil and not make you look shiny and oily... Please make sure to have a LITTLE extra blush on your cheeks as the camera washes the color out.

MEN Yes MEN if You are bald or if you sweat a lot please do us BOTH a favor and just get a basic mineral foundation powder and that matches your base color I am sure someone can help you at CVS or any other basic drug store and put some of the mineral powder on your face and if you are bald also on your head - otherwise You are going to SHINE...

If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at
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