Oral Health and Carbs with Dr. Jay Apte

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Today on The VedaFoods Health Show with Dr. Jay Apte, we talk about oral health and carbohydrates.

About Dr. Jay Apte:
Dr. Jay Apte is the most experienced, India trained Ayurveda practitioner in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. She has an integrated degree in Allopathic and Ayurvedic Medicine from Pune University in India. In addition, she also has a Master’s degree in bio-medical sciences (Pharmacology) and has completed coursework for a Masters degree in Nutritional sciences from University of California at Berkley.

After graduating in 1973, she worked as a Gynecologist in India for 9 years before migrating to the U.S. She has practiced Ayurveda for more than 35 years, nearly 30 years in the US, first in Dallas, Texas and now in Mountain View, California. Her sole focus is on providing the very best Ayurvedic (holistic) health care, including Panchakarma treatments, by bringing eastern wisdom and western knowledge together. She has helped thousands of clients suffering from a variety of illnesses such as Allergies, Asthma, Arthritis, Digestive Problems, Skin Conditions, Women’s Issues, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Eczema, Psoriasis, Children suffering from ADD, Autism and many more.

She is currently a board member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and a past president of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM). She is an entrepreneur and has started various Ayurvedic businesses including Ayurvedic wellness center, Ayurveda academies (to teach Ayurvedic medicine around the U.S.), Herbal Care – first company to manufacture Ayurvedic Herbal supplements in the U.S. and AyurFoods – world’s first manufacturer of delicious and tasty, holistic and healthy Ayurvedic foods. She is a gifted teacher and has given seminars and lectures in various forums around the U.S. Dr. Jay enjoys nature walks and is very passionate about Ayurveda.


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Oral health

Good oral care is important to maintaining healthy teeth, gums and tongue.  Teeth and gums should be strong to chew foods. Tongue has to be clean to notice the taste of the food and there has to be enough saliva to keep the mouth moist. Each tooth is connected to a certain organ in the body so to maintain good health, oral health is utmost important.

The reality is we hardly rinse mouth after eating, so many bacteria thrive on those food particles. Eating candies, cookies and sweets worsen the problem, teeth decay and plaques start building up and many oral problems start.

Ayurveda recommends variety of things for oral health:

  • Use a tooth paste having bitter/astringent tastes like neem/babbul/cloves. These herbs keep mouth clean and kill harmful bacteria.
  • Use astringent herbs for mouthwash – Triphala tea, mint tea, orange peel tea are good natural mouthwashes. Astringent taste strengthens the gums so teeth become firm and also has antibacterial action to cleanse mouth. (To make a tea – boil 1 cup water with 1/2 tsp triphala or 10 mint leaves, or 2-3 pieces of orange peel).
  • Rinse your mouth every time you eat. It is a very healthy habit. It removes food particles from the mouth and makes it clean and prevents bacterial growth.
  • Do oil pulling – Oil pulling is swishing oil in the mouth for few minutes. Use sesame or coconut oil for oil pulling. In the morning put 1 tbsp oil in your mouth, swish it around for 7-10 minutes. Then spit it out. Later, rinse mouth with warm water. It lubricates the oral cavity, makes gums and teeth strong, removes plaques, toxins and harmful bacteria, and whitens teeth. Consistent practice helps to prevent many dental problems and improve oral hygiene
  • Chew handful of sesame seeds every day. It has similar effects like oil pulling.  sesame seeds are rich in natural Calcium. Teeth being part of bones, become strong with extra calcium in sesame seeds.
  • Scrape the tongue with a tongue scraper after brushing teeth in the morning. White coating on the tongue indicates indigestion and toxic build up in the digestive system. Scraping the tongue removes the coating and makes mouth and breath  clean and also aids in digestion.
  • Chew a clove or a pod of cardamom as a mouth freshner.  It prevents bacterial growth, keeps the oral cavity clean, improves digestions and is good for the lungs.


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Good carbs vs Bad carbs

No matter how much we blame the Carbs they are one of the important macronutrients along with proteins and fats. 1 gm of carb provides 4 calories. Foe maintaining good health about 45-65% of calories should come from carbs.

  • They are the body’s main source of energy.
  • Vital organs like brain, kidneys, muscles need energy in the form of glucose which only carbs can provide.
  • They help build good tissues on the body including your muscles.
  • The fiber in the carbs helps for regular elimination and slows digestion.

Carbs which come from processed foods made of bleached or processed flours like white bread, pastries, sodas, sugary foods are called bad carbs, they increase the risk for disease. On the other hand, whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables – so called good carbs, keep you healthy by providing good nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Every day meal should include some amount of good carbs.

While making food choices, pick whole grain bread instead of white, eat a fruit instead of sugary juices. Favor water than sodas and eat unsalted nuts instead of candies and cookies. 

Glycemic index measures how carbs raise blood sugar. Foods with high glycemic index such as processed foods, sugary foods raise blood sugar rapidly causing high spikes verses foods with whole grains, legumes, and vegetables increase blood sugar slowly avoiding spikes. Glycemic index is very important especially in Diabetes, because High GI foods raise blood sugar beyond normal ranges. Barley has the lowest glycemic index (25) and has a soluble fiber so barley makes you full for long period of time and maintains your blood sugar. (Low GI is 55 or less, Medium GI is 56-69, High GI is 70 and above).

High fructose corn syrup is very cheap, so many manufacturers use it in cereals and many packaged foods. It may cause metabolic disorders and triggers diabetes and heart disease so should be avoided as much as possible, exactly like artificially hydrogenated fats.

In short, health is wealth and food is the integral part of your health. You should be consuming all the food groups in the right quantity. Ayurvedically “You are what you eat and digest”, so preparing your own foods should be your priority. With good planning, it doesn’t take long time. Cooking is also very meditative. The colors and aromas of spices brighten your life. While cooking you put your positive emotions in the food so it nourishes your mind and soul. Cooking at home is less expensive than eating out. So why not enjoy cooking with colorful vegetables, whole grains, beans and oils/ghee? Have cooking parties at home.

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Be a Guest on The VedaFoods Health Show

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To be a guest on the show, email us at: healthshowguest@vedafoods.com

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Medical Disclaimer:
All of the information shared on “The VedaFoods Health Show” or VedaFoods website, webinars, blogs, podcasts, videos either presented by Dr. Jay Apte or guests are from their own personal experience, research, education, and experience with their clients.

Every person is an individual and as such we recommend that everyone seek counsel from their own personal doctor before starting any exercise program or health regimen of any kind.

Written by Carly Alyssa Thorne

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