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HOW to Get Started


How to get started:

*There is a detailed intake of 38 Questions that will take you on a Journey to bring out the key areas you are passionate about and which 3 things you will Choose to focus on.


*Depending on YOUR needs and program You might also have an Accountability Partner as well as your Coach and be in a small group with no more than 4 people so that is NOT overly time consuming.

*Daily tasks every night Monday-Friday no more than 15 minutes of YOUR time, you would email Your coach, and Coaching Partner and or Group  based on your program- what You will be focusing on and your targeted outcomes for the Next day.

*Weekly 1 hr. or More depending on Your needs, timelines and or outcomes, One on One Call or in person meeting with Your Coach.

*Weekly Group Check in with Everyone to find out what is working and what is NOT and Collaborating, Sharing to help Everyone have the most effective use of their Program, Time and the maximum outcome.

We invite You to:


*** Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Choose YOU...

*** Get into the Spirit of Giving, Gratitude and Thanks.

*** Check out the Pinterest Board, a Fountain of Resources for all areas of your Life... 1

***Choose Love, NOT Fear... As from the Space of Your Heart Center and Love You can CREATE anything... From the Place of Fear, You are running in place getting nowhere...

 ***Get in the State that YOU want to become...

***Be the Change You want to See in the World...

***You have the POWER to SHIFT Your own attitude and Physiology

***Smile and then attempt to be mad... I bet you can't...

***Dance Like Nobody is Watching...

***Sing Like Nobody can Hear You...

***Journaling, Singing, Dancing in whatever shape or form that is to you... is one of the best ways to go within and get grounded in times of unease or unclarity...


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