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Kit Cummings - Power Of Peace

Power of Peace with Kit Cummings

Today we talk with Kit Cummings about his Power Of Peace Project. Changing people’s life’s through inspiration not fear. Kit created and developed Attitude Science as the model and platform from which he teaches. With humor and high energy, Kit pulls from CBT principles, and the study of psychology, brain science and physics. Attitude Science […]

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The Secrets Of The Keys Written & Produced by Robin Jay

The Secrets Of The Keys

Coming Soon In Production: The Press Release: New Film “The Secrets of the Keys” offers 7 Keys to Happiness @TheKEYMovie #TheKEYMovie by Robin Jay @Lunchwriter Synopsis – The SECRETS of the KEYS: What if your doctor called to tell you you’re going to die? That’s exactly what happens to motivational speaker and author “Elizabeth” […]

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2014 Holiday Carling South Pole Photo Courtesy of Jungle Jim

Holiday Caroling – Making a Difference

2014 – 34th Annual Holiday Caroling – Making a Difference through sharing music, dance, and song with seniors that live in nursing homes and their families. It is such a heartfelt joy, inspiration to watch the transformation of everyone involved from the: seniors, their families, the volunteer carolers, the musicians, singers, actors, actresses, videographers, photographers […]

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Billions Rising

Billions Rising

Today on Community Voices with Carly Alyssa Thorne we have the Amazing Anita Casalina with us talking about her multi-faceted project “Billions Rising” which is all about bringing Self Reliance to millions -this project was started with her partners Heather Vale Gross and Warren Whitlock. Billions Rising has a Radio Show, a Book, and now […]

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Connie Trust FB

The Trust Frequency

Today on Conscious Co-Creations Straight talk about the Mind, Body, Business, & Spirit Connection, Carly Alyssa Thorne and Connie Baxter Marlow discuss her book Co-Authored with Andrew Cameron Bailey “The Trust Frequency” We dive into consciousness, frequency and much more. To Watch the VIDEO VERSION OF THIS EPISODE: Here is the AUDIO-Podcast version: For More […]

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Finding Happiness FB

Finding Happiness

Today on, Conscious Co-Creations ~ Straight talk about the Mind, Body, Business, Spirit we Explore Finding Happiness With Director Ted Nicolaou and Music Director of Ananda Village and Contributor of Music to the Movie “Finding Happiness” and Actor in the Movie “Finding Happiness” David Eby. We will explore Living in Unity as Ted and David […]

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The Cure is U

The Cure is U… The Cure is U… Why do you feel the movie is relevant / needed today?  “The Film is needed in Today’s society, because too many people seek outside themselves for solutions- They want the Quick Fix, the miracle pill, or they go into a victim mentality.  “The Cure is U” provides […]

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