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What does Conscious Business Mean to You ?

The term Conscious Business is starting to be used more and more and I think as we grow as a society people are starting to embody more of what it means.  Today I am going to share with you with what I teach my clients what Conscious Business Collaboration means from my point of view. […]

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Opening Our Minds to New Possibilities

 I saw this on Scott Glaze’s business page on Facebook today  And it got me thinking… How many times do we judge somebody by the way they look, talk, are etc…  and in the process close our minds and the possibilities of learning something new. Every person we meet, every situation we are in […]

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Letting Go

What have You Really Lost ?

Life is a Journey of Learning, Playing & Growing…   Everything we go thru in Life we have choices on how we choose to Look at it and how to then deal with it – React ~ Act, Forgive others ~ self,  let go ~ hold on, hate ~ Love, become a Victim – Empowered, […]

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How Committed are You ?

VIDEO VERSION: AUDIO – Podcast Version: In today’s society I have found Commitment to be something that has truly been forgotten.  We over commit… We say Yes… yes.. and yes… to- too many things and then we are NOT Giving 100% to those things…  And… Then we are NOT Being of service to Self or […]

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