Carly Alyssa Thorne From 200 lbs to 125 lbs… The Journey of How…

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The Story Of Carly Alyssa Thorne and the 
Health, Wellness and Fitness Journey….
I started out in the Health, Wellness and Fitness Field in 1982
Yes this is me, Carly Alyssa Thorne in 1986, Started working out in a
Jack LaLanne Fitness Facility in Yonkers, N.Y.
Yes this is me, Carly Alyssa Thorne in 1998- 200 lbs.
A Very Unhappy, Unhealthy Time in my life…
A story, that I do Share, as I have found it to be a 
Very Powerful Tool, in showing that
NO MATTER what you have been Thru
in LIFE… You ALWAYS have a CHOICE…
In 6 months I was back to a Healthy Positive Solid 125 lbs…
And This is me Now +5 or -5 lbs… since 2000.
Oh, and I just cut about 10 inches of my Hair…
December 2011…
Yes I know… I am Growing it back…
I explain the WHY- the IMPORTANCE of 
my cutting the Hair in my Coaching…
So the Question I am Always Asked and I am sure
You want to know is… THE HOW ???
1-Your State of MIND…
I wake up Every Morning and first thing I do, after I have had my early morning bathroom break, is climb right back in bed and listen to a Subliminal Meditation on Love, Positivity, Sharing, Giving, Health, Team, 
Creativity, Co-Creating, Business, Relationships and Abundance
in all areas of my Life…
I then will go for a 30 minute brisk walk and while I am walking I am thinking of what I am intending to Co-Create in my Life for that day…
Later in the day I also work out for another 30 minutes, Sometimes Longer, Sometimes Less- Yoga, Free Weights, Stretching, Water Therapy Training +++ I work out Late afternoon or Late Evening depending on my work schedule.
Being a Self-Employed Consultant, Life Coach and a Producer… Each day is extremely different and has different time demands and schedules, so I have to GO with the Flow… I just make sure NO matter what that I move my body each and every day…
SERIOUSLY, I have goten done with a PRODUCTION at 1 AM, and having been up since 5 AM that morning, and while everybody else has decided to go Party, Go the Bar, or to sleep… I have gone to the GYM…, If No gym was available, or the gym was closed, I would go for a brisk walk,  if it was raining and cold I went up to my Hotel Room and Worked out there…
No Excuses… Moving the body especially when you are under time lines and stress is Sooo Important… Even if I just went to bike for 15 minutes and then did a really good, relaxing, centering stretch… It helps boost Your Immune System, Energy System, and Removes the Stress Hormones floating thru your body…
Also, because I have been working out at home, in Gyms, Dance Studios, 
Yoga Studios, and Dojos, etc… since 1982 I like to shake it up and do something different every day…  
Ultimately you will have to find which Program or ANY PROGRAM that Resonates with YOU… that suits Your Life Style, desired outcomes and Energy Level… I am a firm believer YOU don’t need a GYM or a VIDEO to work out or be motivated…  Your imagination, music, your OWN bodyweight can do wonders…  Bottom Line You need to Create what will keep you motivated and work for YOU…  I do STRONGLY advice that EVERYBODY find somebody to teach them proper FORM and Body alignment…
After Every work out I drink a Healthy, No Additive,
Nutritious, Protein rich, Yummy Tasting Shake to fuel and help repair my muscles… NOW that me also STATE I am NOT A firm believer NOR do I endorse replacing MEALS with just a shake. Everybody’s body is different and depending on how you are training etc… you may need more calories etc…  Restricting calories is NOT the way to keeping a healthy body and or achieving LONG term outcomes that you can sustain easily…
The Rest of the Day I Eat 3 Medium Sized Meals and 2 snacks that are: 
Clean, Pesticide free, Whole Foods, Alive, I eat 80%Alkaline, 
Low Glycemic Index Foods: Lots of Vegetables, Whole Sprouted Grains, Clean Protein’s, Fresh Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, and Clean Non Trans Oils and Fats… and NO I don’t feel deprived, hungry etc… and YES Your body does need Good FATS…
Once You have started to Eat this way, make this a LIFESTYLE… your Taste buds shift, and You no longer want or crave the unhealthy processed foods…
AND YES I still can go Out to a restaurant and Eat a Healthy Meal… there are a lot of GREAT restaurants that have many Awesome, YUMMY Dishes on their menus… Nobody said this had to BE HARD and BORING…
I also use a few other Products and Supplements on a DAILY basis see my 
4- Team, Mentors, Friends, Environment
*Make sure to have a support system in place, find a buddy to do it with you, or make it a family project.

*Find at least TWO people who are totally willing to support you while you are going thru the shift that you can call when you need to.

*Join online support groups, there are so many free support groups for exercise and healthy eating.
***If I ever start to feel myself get into a Funk or Negative Space, I instantly will play music that makes me Happy, Sing, Dance, to Immediately Shift me out of that state… 
KEY: I don’t sit and wallow in the funk…
***My Environment, Friends, Team, Co-Workers, I make sure they are Coming from the Same Space and Energy I want Co-Created in my LIFE…
Which for ME the qualities that I Value in Co-Creating in all areas of my Life are:
Faith, Love, Heart Centeredness, Collaboration, Team, Positivity, Health, Giving, Sharing, Co-Creating, Being Grounded, Centered, Calm, Creativity, Playtime, Lots of Energy, Global Consciousness, Empowerment, Inspiration, Education, Self Development, Spirituality and Most of All…
My Chief GOAL in life is to Learn, Play and Grow 
each and Every Day… to Expand my Awareness of my Mind, Body, and Spirit…
Honestly a lot of it is common sense seriously…

-Move your body everyday for at least 30 minutes and it is not necessary to go beyond an hour.  Everything in LIFE is a Balance too much to excess it NOT good, and neither is too little.  This usually DOES NOT Apply if you are an athlete or YOUR body – Physique is your commodity, like modeling, being a personal trainer etc… Athletes are training hours and hours a day, and they are also getting massive nutrition and proper training… I have my personal opinions that I will NOT get into here about how some of the training etc… is done to the determent of people’s body and how their bodies are burnt out and a mess at a relatively YOUNG age, and that applies to modeling as well, however this article is NOT about that.

-VERY IMPORTANT: any exercise -it is all about quality and form, body alignment… it is NOT about EGO and doing more reps and or weight with bad form and body alignment. Think of it as a dance, a dancer has to hit certain poses and their body is in alignment when doing so, they are also FLUID, not jerky, well okay hip hop or other dance forms might have some jerky movements in there… You get my point.  You want your hips, shoulders, head all facing forward and in alignment when exercising, even when you are walking.

I STRONGLY suggest EVERYONE get a QUALIFIED person to walk them thru some routines where they are educating you on body alignment and form etc…

-Unless you are in a competitive sport or getting PAID to work out, or your body is your physical commodity and the way you make a living, there is NO need to do hours of cardio and gym time.

-Take a quick paced walk, go for a bike ride, whatever rocks your world fitness
wise, just truly commit to doing it for at least 30 minutes at least 5x a week.

-Food intake: again I could write a book on all the different things out there,
Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, Eats fish and eggs yet no red meat, etc… etc… etc…

We make it Soooo Complicated, it truly doesn’t have to be. The more complicated you make it the less chances you have of having a successful  outcome that you will be happy with and can sustain.

Before you do start anything it is a must that you go thru your kitchen and give away all of the food that is truly not good for you.  All the fake, processed, fatty, sweets etc…  there is NO way that you are going to follow thru on eating healthy if there is crap food in the house even if it is other family members food or house mates food… You are going to have to have the whole household’s support and involvement…

So- depending on your living environment, if they are NOT willing to participate or help, sometimes it might mean making choices.  You might want to live with people that do care about what they eat etc…. It might mean you being the parent and adult and choosing to also get your kids and partner eating healthy.

ALL FOOD, Preferably: No pesticides, Organic if possible and NO Additives.

Definitely NO:

Fast food places, white flour, sugar, corn syrup, processed, pre- packaged foods, TV dinners, etc…etc…etc…  Come on folks we all know that fake sugars, all of the additives, candy, and all of the crap food is NOT good for us, so WHY eat it.

If you eat Whole Grain, Alive Food, you will have a ton of more energy and not crave the crap food.

Sugar is addictive and once you start eating that piece of cake it sends a signal to your brain with endorphins and you start craving more sweets. Trust me when you start to eat cleaner and cleaner your taste buds truly do shift. And… Nobody said your food has to taste bland.  There are so many amazing seasonings cumin, dill, pepper, oregano, parsley, garlic etc… etc… etc….

Think about this, if you had a friend that was an alcoholic you wouldn’t hand that person a beer would you ?  So knowing that sugar is addictive and truly an out of control addiction for many, why would you knowingly give yourself let alone a person with eating issues something that was 100% Crap sugar like a processed artificial cookie and or piece of cake ?

HONOR and LOVE your body it is the ONLY one you have for this Lifetime if you believe in multiple lifes, like I do.


*First basic math you must expend more energy or calories if you will, than you are eating… So honestly we all have our personal dogma when it comes to food, so again here are some basics:

*Eat 5-6 meals a day and don’t skip to keep your metabolism active, when you skip meals your body freaks out and goes back to the OLD AGE times and stores your next meal because it doesn’t know when you might or might not feed it so to speak, there is more to this scientifically involving sugars dropping and then when you finally eat blood sugar levels going up way too fast  etc… etc… etc… however again… I don’t want to make this complicated… Simple is KEY….

In the morning when you get up or the night before pack some snacks in baggies to make things easier. I will get into the Glycemic Index and sugar levels a bit below.

Your 5- 6 meals:

*Make sure to have 3 well balanced meals and 2-3 small snacks.
What do I mean by snacks: one apple, 1 large carrot cut up or 6-8 mini carrots with almond butter or peanut butter, 2 Large stalks of celery with almond butter or peanut butter, 1/4 raw almonds.  Almond butter is healthier for you because it is alkaline. 

Meals depending on your dietary preference:
Again basic common sense: Eat whole, alive, whole grains foods, tons of vegetables, and some fruit and if you eat meat, make it LEAN meats…
And here is ANOTHER TIP… Eat meats and or foods that Don’t have the Growth hormones and or antibiotics etc in them… WHY… Believe it or not all of those hormones makes your body STORE more fat and creates other issues…

Enough food that you feel satisfied, not Stuffed, bloated…

*Do not drink while you are actively eating, drink before a meal or after.
WHY ? because our body is a LAB so to speak and your mouth has natural digestive enzymes that when we CHEW help break down the food to make it is easier to digest. When we drink while we eat, we dilute those enzymes.

*It is best to eat FRUIT by itself, as when you mix it with other foods it tends to get fermented and sit in your belly.  You can eat Fruit it will be totally digested within 2 hours.  Also the most beneficial time for Fruit is mornings.

WATER first thing in the morning with lemon juice helps get your organs hydrated and jump started for the day and… Lemons are alkalizing to your system. Which I will get into that a bit later too.  Lemons act as a blood sugar stabilizer and helps boost your metabolism and aids in digestion.  Great for your skin and lemons do contain some calcium.

Like I said earlier our bodies are like one big LAB, or chemistry set and there are massive studies out there that state that disease or another term used is our body is out of harmony, when our food intake is primarily acidic. Ideally you want to eat 80% Alkaline 20% Acidic.  Again… this is a topic of great discussion and another book so for now here is a basic chart and below the chart is a great resource link to dive more into it.
NOW ONTO BIGGEST impact of Health and Wellness and the prevention of Insulin resistance or Pre-Diabetes, the Glycemic Index.
Bottom line the white processed foods, NON whole foods items and sweets etc are much highly on the Glycemic index and are also higher on the acidic side, not an accident as they are interrelated.


Great Resource with a Printable PDF all about the Glycemic Index
So I will end here for now for more in depth education on Fitness, Wellness, Eating and detailed programs being tailored specifically to your body type – which is another WHOLE topic and book LOL… etc… you can email and put in subject heading Wellness and Fitness.
All the links, resources and information on this Blog, My FB Page, and or Websites are from my Personal Experience, Research and my Personal Opinion.  In the end, You decide what resonates for you.
I am not a licensed M.D., or Psychologist . I am a Transformationalist Life Coach, Interfaith Minister, & Personal Business Consultant and have studied Massively in all areas of the Mind, Body, and Spirit – Everything from Philosophy, Psychology, Theology, Nutrition, Overall Wellness, Fitness, Metaphysics etc… and have numerous Certifications to back that up along with my LIFE experience in the field since 1982 when I started working in the Medical Field that evolved into the Business, Metaphysical, Healing, and Wellness field.
All advice and or exercises I have provided in this Blog, My FB Page, and or Websites I have actually done, lived and still live and I have taught to hundreds of Private clients.
I am not being paid to endorse anyone’s links, books, advice, or products.
All of the resources listed, I have Read, Studied, and Used First on myself and then with clients. I am providing them here for Your Exploration and Growth of Mind, Body and Spirit, and Ultimately it is up to you to CHOOSE what best suits you.
Be sure to consult with your OWN Physician before starting any Exercise or Nutrition program.  Carly Alyssa Thorne

Another Midnight Production Written by:

©2007 Carly Alyssa Thorne



Written by Carly Alyssa Thorne

Carly Alyssa Thorne

Straight Talk with Carly Alyssa Thorne
Conscious Business Collaborations
Action – Collaboration – Transformations
Bridging the East & the West

Speaker, Mentor, Consultant, Producer, Author, Writer, Photographer.

Conscious Business Transformations for the Mind, Body, Business & Spirit, as it is all interconnected.

“Life is a Play and We are the Actors~Actresses, Writers, Editors, Producers, Directors, Co-Creators of Our Lives, we can create anything, anytime… Let’s Do it.”
Carly Alyssa Thorne


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