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What we Do:

We Consult, Mentor on the Mind, Body, Business, Spirit interconnection, as a Whole as if one is out of sync it affects the whole.   All of our Platforms are Multi-Sensory and Interactive using a blend of Eastern and Western Philosophies, Methodologies and Techniques taught in a very grounded way that has daily practical applications.

We take You on a Journey from Cocoon to Flight thru Learning, Playing and Growing thru Creative Conscious Co-Creation.

It takes Your Willingness to want to Soar- come out of your Cocoon, and then Choose Change – Transmutation and your Collaboration in Co-Creating with Us, as this Journey is about You… We are part of your team and Collaborators on Your Journey.

SERVICES:  Consulting, Coaching, Courses

The Art of Conscious Business Collaborations


Conscious Business Collaborations
Conscious- Being aware of the impact of our Ripple Effect in what we say, post, write, do etc…
Business- Treating what we do like a business otherwise people tend to do more things without prior thought to the results or outcomes of their actions.
Collaborations- It is thru collaborating with others that we Learn, Play, and Grow which ultimately leads to being better able to serve others.

 *** You will Learn:
*How to be a Leader without a title
*Conscious Hiring principles and technqiues
*When to Let go
*The Art of Tribe-Team building
*Ways to have Fun, Creative Brainstorming
*The Art of Color Your world with Creativity & Marketing
*The Art of Social WE Media
*The Art of Saying NO & Referrals
*Why it is so important to Give
*Why it is so important to Receive
*How to effectively Give and Receive Feedback and Negotiate
*Effective Time and Organization Management
*The Art of Effective Communication
and much more…

The Art of Social WE Media LOVE

Social WE Media

 Social WE Media LOVE 
Social - Engaging, Communicating with others
We - Teamwork
Media- Using various media modalities for those that are more Visual thru Video, more auditory thru podcasts,
more analytical thru writing blog posts such as this, Images for a quick visual on what you are attempting to convey.
 ***You will Learn:

*How to be Yourself and still be Authentic
*We Marketing
*What is Shareable Content
*How to effectively use Picture quotes
*How often to post based on your business or niche
*How to ask Thought provoking engaging Questions
*What platforms to Focus on based on Your niche or business
*When to Automate and the Balance
*When and how to hire a WE Team
***Sharing your Personality, Passions, Who Are You, What do You do, Social Media Tools and much more…

The Art of Communication


***You will learn:
*How to Give and Receive Feedback
*How to be Open to all Points of View
*The different Communications Styles
*NLP- Neuro Linguistic Reprogramming
*Body Language
*Color Your World Creative Brainstorming
*How to run effective Master Minds and why it is so important to be in one.
*The Art of Leadership communication without titles
and much more…

The Art of the Multi-Sensory Self 


***You will Learn: 
I have two levels of this course-Beginners and Advanced

In the Beginners:
*How to expand your awareness in Seeing, Hearing, Communicating, Feeling
*How to apply this in all areas of Your Life.
*Basics of Energy Vibration
*Basics of Feng Shui
*Basics of Energy Management

In the Advanced:
We get deep into:
*Psychology, Philosophy, Theology
*Energy Healing
*Energy Management
*The meaning of colors & Sounds
*The role of the unconscious
and much more…


The Art of Letting Go and Truly Celebrating Life

Letting GO MasterMind
***You will learn:
*How to stand up for Yourself
*How to let go
*How to move forward
*What is victim energy
*How to get out of victim energy
*How to deal with phantom limb pain
*How to Celebrate a Loved one
*How to Celebrate Life
*How to Truly Live again
and Sooo much more

The Art of Love, Peace and Gratitude


***You will Learn:
*The impact of a Ripple Effect
*Paying it Forward authentically
*Authentic Giving
*Being open to Receiving
*Energetics behind Manifestation-Laws of Attraction
*Values and Belief’s alignments

The Art of the Mind, Body, Spirit Inter-Connection


***You will Learn:
*The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection
*That NO one model fits all Bodies
*Whole Body Fitness
*Preventative Health
*How to use both Eastern and Western to achieve optimal Wellness
*How to use and blend the many Psychologies, Theologies out there.
*Basic to Metaphysics
*The Unconscious story telling
*Harnessing a Healthy Ego
*Basic Energy Modalities and Energy Management
and much more…

The Art of Multi-Sensory Productions

- Events, Interviews, Platforms


***You will learn:
*How to use NLP on Stage and in the event set up
*How to use the Multi-Sensory on stage and in the event set up
*How to use Color, Sound, Vibration
*How to interviewed
*How to interview others
*What to put in a power point
*How to use body language that is NOT Staged
*How to use Feng Shui in event and event set up
and much more…

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